“How Can You Say That?”

The Importance of Language in Conflict Conversations


How much does it matter what words you use?

Do deliberate word choices change what gets heard, and by whom? (“But that’s not what I meant” – intent vs. effect.) 

How can you use language to shift the action from “verbal tennis” (where information or insult is simply being lobbed or smashed back and forth) to effective conversation (the exchange of ideas and understanding)?

This is an interactive workshop for discovering and improving your choice of words to help all involved in conflict conversations, whether clients, colleagues or family members, and successfully navigate the minefield of emotion that gets expressed verbally during conflicts, whether one-on-one, or in group meetings, or professional-to-professional.  Words can float boats or sink good will.

Choosing words carefully is not the small stuff, in work or life. Subtle or obvious, words can be powerful tools, weapons, levers, invitations, and more. Come think about how to tame blame, manage pain (and other emotions), cure misunderstandings, encourage imagination, reframe, and remove obstacles to negotiation. 

I offer an interactive workshop for groups ranging from 10-35 people. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop with me or getting more information about my services please call or email.