Other Mediation Services


What other services are offered?


I specialize in situations where there has been or continues to be an important personal relationship between the parties.  Examples of this include:

  • Clients who hope to stay married, and have either tried or are not interested in trying therapy as an approach
  • Co-parents, whether divorced or unmarried, who wish to improve the experience of their children as well as their own experiences
  • Adult siblings who are having trouble agreeing about how to handle care decisions for aging relatives; or how to fairly distribute tangible or other property after the death of a parent or other loved one
  • Parents and teenage or older children who are struggling to find effective ways to communicate and negotiate fair and appropriate rules and boundaries that work for the whole family
  • Professional Mentoring:  For new and experienced mediators who would like a sounding board or specific suggestions for handling challenging clients and cases; emphasis on how to frame and respond to impasse and disruptive behaviors while remaining neutral.


My brother and I couldn’t agree about how to divide our father’s belongings after he passed away, and my attorney suggested we try mediation before using lawyers. I was skeptical it could help, but surprisingly, in only a few meetings we were able to reach agreement on everything. It was not easy, but with Kate’s help we both feel now that our relationship is on solid ground again, which I’m very grateful for.
— C.D. family mediation client