Kate Fanger


Conflict Consulting


Kate Fanger Mediation provides a variety of mediation and consulting services, including Divorce Mediation, Marital Mediation, and Conflict Consulting, as well as communication coaching for couples, adult families, and friends or roommates.


Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a non-adversarial process where clients make their own decisions based on the information and facilitation provided by a neutral and experienced mediator. The mediator’s job is to help people understand their choices, explore pros and cons when thinking about real world implementation, reach fair agreements, and finally draft a legal agreement that can be filed with the Court.

Conflict Consulting

I work with the client(s) to determine the best options for reducing or resolving the conflict they are experiencing. I help them discover and implement strategic decisions, taking into consideration all aspects of the conflict. Specifically, this means reviewing some history of the conflict, identifying desired outcomes, and talking about the positions and temperaments of the parties involved.

Other Mediation Services

Mediation can help with all kinds of family and relationship conflicts, from mediation to save your marriage to decisions relating to aging family members, to establishing workable rules with your children, or shared responsibilities with your housemates. Whether it is a familial, romantic, marital, roommate or other collaborative relationship, mediation provides practical solutions for problems small and large.



What Clients Have Said About Working With Kate

My wife and I were really struggling to communicate about anything when we went to see Kate. She helped us in every way, from figuring out what our options were and providing great feedback on how things might work post-divorce, to helping us hear each other for the first time in a very long time.
— J.D. Divorce Mediation client
Kate’s superpower is her ability to frame the situation (conflict) in such a way that potential solutions sprout up, and I can see things I can do — or should avoid doing — that will help improve or resolve things. With humor, great metaphors, and an exquisite command of language, she helped me with my current situation and gave me hope that I’ll be better able to resolve future conflicts in my life!
— T.K. conflict consulting client